Attention Executives: Time for a Cleanup!

Feb 27, 2019

We've been talking about lowering your transportation costs even as rates are going up, and many have asked us, "How is that possible?" Well, one important piece is being willing to have the "dark conversations" we mentioned last week and talked about with supply chain leaders at Home Depot.

We've also talked about the importance of having a true game plan that invites transportation leaders to the table when strategic discussions are taking place. We would be more than happy to share why this is necessary and how it can be done with your executive team, just as we have with others. Just get in touch with us here to set up a time to talk, and we can help your executive team turn transportation into a profit center for your company.

Here's another tool to show you how it can be done: We’re bringing you real life examples of how other companies have succeeded in transportation on a webinar that will be held Wednesday, March 6, at 11am CST. Sign up now to attend the webinar or get the recording. The panelists will talk about the dark conversations they had to have, tearing down silos, and other things they've done to build a better supply chain.

We like to provide perspectives on what’s happening in the industry from multiple angles, so we’ll also have Andy Moses, the SVP of Product Management at Penske on the call.

As always, we provide all of this because we’re on your team, here to help, and passionate about seeing you be successful.