Building a Great Transportation Budget Tip #2

Sep 15, 2016




Last week we started our four week series of tips to create a more accurate transportation budget with a message about factoring the economy into your budget. This week we have our second tip for you:

TIP #2: As part of the budgeting process, ask: "What are we willing to change as a company in order to manage and lower our transportation costs?" Companies that do a great job of managing their transportation costs understand this simple fact: A company's sales and procurement practices and processes will ultimately impact freight costs. So instead of trying to reduce freight costs by expecting carriers to continually lower their rates, smart shippers will look at the kind of changes that can ultimately improve service levels while simultaneously reducing costs.   

In this week’s video, I share a couple stories about this with you.

If you were wondering how your company can improve service levels while reducing costs here's another practical tip. Give us a call! We welcome the opportunity to have a dialogue with you about  how your budget can be optimized and have many more tips to share from decades of experience. To demonstrate just how committed we are, we can provide a high-level consultation that includes a review of strategies and tactics that we have seen other companies use to to get more "bang for their transportation buck" at no charge.

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