Great Logistics Leaders are Aware Logistics Leaders

Jan 16, 2020


When I speak at conferences and events, one question I often get afterwards is “Are there some common attributes of great leaders in the supply chain space?”

The answer to that question is yes.

One of the things I’ve noticed that all great leaders in the logistics industry have in common is a keen sense of awareness of the issues and challenges they're facing. They understand the need to know what’s happening in their industry and how it can impact their supply chain operations. Like most industries these days, ours is one that’s changing quickly.

That's why in these Two Minute Warnings, we're sharing information and advice to keep on your radar.

Our latest update comes from an interview with Dan Lipinski, an Illinois congressmen that serves on the House Transportation Committee, and is the chairman for a sub-committee on rail issues. He’s also a keen observer of what needs to happen for the United States to have the right infrastructure in place to build the economy.

Another resource we want to make sure you've seen is a report of the challenges facing the supply chain this decade, which was developed in conjunction with CSCMP and others. This report, "Logistics 2030: Navigating a Disruptive Decade" includes expert insights on future transportation issues via a survey, focus groups, and individual interviews.

One more thing to pay attention to is closures in the trucking industry and how it will affect the market. In just the first three quarters of 2019, there were over 800 trucking companies that shut their doors. This trend shows no signs of stopping in the foreseeable future. This means that as networks evolve, your network may need to make some changes too.