How To Survive The Perfect Storm and Beat Your Competitors

Oct 19, 2017

Right now shippers are understandably anxious about what is happening in the transportation marketplace. Just the other day I got a call from a CEO who wanted to know: Where are the trucks? The tight capacity situation is having an impact on their supply chain. But after answering his question, I reminded him what Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Believe it or not, the current conditions could give your company a chance to outperform competitors.

Here are three tips to help shippers thrive in the storm:

TIP 1: Understand what’s going on in the transportation marketplace. On Tuesday November 14 we're hosting a webinar in conjunction with NASSTRAC called "How to Survive the Perfect Storm". The webinar will feature Derek Leathers, the CEO of Werner, and other leaders in the logistics industry.


In case you can't wait until then, we encourage you to visit our Perfect Storm Preparation Center for some great insights. It has interviews with industry leaders about carriers’ challenges, marketplace conditions, the ELD mandate, and more.


TIP 2: Benchmark your rates– get a better idea of where you stand. Why is this so important? Well, at this time of year I get frequent calls from folks who want to talk about their freight budget numbers for the forthcoming year. In order to build an accurate budget, you need to know where you stand. TranzAct has world class capabilities to help you benchmark your transportation rates.


TIP 3: Design an analysis of the options to reduce your costs as rates increase. Practically speaking, we have proven that companies can reduce their freight costs - even in an environment where rates are headed north. And that is why we encourage shippers who want to consider different scenarios in advance with this advice: You don't have to do it on your own. We have some great resources to help you design and implement cost saving initiatives.

Remember....We’re on your team, we’re here to help, and we’re passionate about seeing you be successful. Simply give us a call at 630-833-0890 or send us an email.