Is a recession ahead? Listen to our interview with Gary Shilling.

Aug 21, 2019

It’s that time of the year when we get plenty of questions from shippers who are looking to put together accurate transportation budgets for the upcoming year. As we have explained in numerous Two Minute Warnings, there are several important factors which can impact your transportation budgets. One of the most important factors is what is happening with the economy.

That is why we encourage you to listen to our interview with noted economist Gary Shilling. In this interview, you'll hear his thoughts about whether we're entering recession or not, what it could look like, and how global trade could play out in the next year.

We have been interviewing Gary for several years and our listeners love his ability to  shed light on important issues that help shippers plan or adjust their budgets for the year ahead. He also has a knack for putting it all into perspective, so we encourage you to take time to listen to this interview and share this with others.

Although he doesn't address rates directly, his thoughts align with our prediction that in 2020 truckload rates will be flat or down. The LTL side could see much more variability as the major LTL carriers use “Targeted Pricing” to align freight within their networks and e-commerce initiatives lead to smaller scale shipments continuing to gain popularity.

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