Is Your Transportation Data Helping or Hurting Your Cause?

Jun 15, 2017




Recently, I received a call from a CEO whose company sells to Walmart, Target, and a lot of other retailers. He was a bit frustrated because his company is getting hit with chargebacks. After asking him a series of questions, it became clear that there was a very important issue they need to address: the quality of information they're using to manage their transportation costs.


For example, the "Chargeback Game" can be easily rigged because your customers know that you probably don't have the data or the time to refute the chargebacks. So you pay them instead of potentially alienating your customers. But based on experience, we know that if companies had accurate and easily accessible data, they could prove that the chargebacks weren't valid and they could achieve significant savings.  

If you're serious about managing your transportation and supply chain costs, you need to consider this very important question: Is your data helping or hurting your cause? Do you have the data you need to manage your freight with your carriers, customers and suppliers?

If you're in need of better data, we can help. Whether it's our Constellation TMS, the data that comes from our Freight Audit and Payment offerings, or our Telescope reporting product, we can provide the information you need and the tools to analyze and manage your freight costs.

Our Rapid Assessment process is also a great starting point, since it explores all areas of your current operations and identifies opportunities to improve your data analysis. We’ll investigate the quality of the data you're using to manage your supply chain operations, amongst other things. More importantly, we'll give you a detailed plan for how you can cross the bridge from your current state to your future ideal state.

If you're interested in learning more or have any questions, give us a call at 630-833-0890 or send us an email. We’re on your team, we’re here to help and we are passionate about seeing you be successful.