Jeff Immelt's Thoughts On The Transformation of GE and What It Means For Your Company

Apr 13, 2017



The topic of corporate transformation can be challenging for big or small companies - especially when it comes to managing their logistics and supply chain areas. Recently, I attended BMO Harris' CEO Summit. The highlight was an interview with Jeff Immelt, the Chairman and CEO of GE. In the interview Jeff addressed the challenges and impact of the transformation that has occurred at GE. And in listening to his comments, it raised some interesting questions. For example, are we willing to walk away from what is successful today in order to be successful tomorrow?

In this week's Two Minute Warning we're highlighting the issue of how your supply chains will change or be transformed in the future. We also have a pretty cool infographic that summarized Jeff's comments. I encourage you to take a look at this and if you'd like some additional notes to "decode" the infographic send me an email or call me. The infographic was drawn out for the audience on a giant whiteboard, and you can view a copy of it here.

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In this process we evaluate the current state of your logistics and supply chain processes, assess and plan what the ideal future state would look like, and then create a road map for getting there using data analysis and other tools.

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