Looking to reduce your freight costs and improve your profitability? Use a great Transportation Management System (TMS)!

Jun 8, 2017



 Last week I met with a CEO who told me his company needs to reduce their freight costs so they can improve their competitive position with their customers. Sound familiar? It should because it is similar to conversations I have had with several Presidents who are concerned about the need to get their freight costs under control. 

In last week's Two Minute Warning we highlighted Jeff Bezos' letter to Amazon Shareholders and the Day 1 and Day 2 question. Day 1 companies are committed to innovation and getting better every day. Day 2 companies are content with the status quo and resist change. So when I hear Senior Executives tell me that they want to see their company lower its freight costs, I have to ask: "Are you a Day 1 or Day 2 company?"

If you are a Day 1 company, then I invite you to take a look at this short video that highlights how a great TMS can be an effective tool to manage and reduce your freight costs.

Watch our Constellation TMS video

TranzAct's Constellation TMS helps companies by streamlining their freight management processes. So if you want to do a better job of sourcing, tendering or tracking your freight, Constellation balances incredible power with a user-friendly experience that is so great, it’s no wonder our clients love it.

And if you'd like a demo, sign up here. We would love to help you see how Constellation can reduce your costs and add to your bottom line, just like Idahoan did

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