Transportation Updates from Washington D.C. - Get Involved!

Jun 13, 2018

Over the years, we have encouraged shippers and 3PLs to get involved with standing up for issues that will impact transportation and supply chains. The importance of taking action was reinforced during last week’s Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) annual fly-in to visit congressional representatives in Washington D.C.

TIA’s number one priority for Congress is creating a national hiring standard for carriers. This would enable shippers and 3PLs to confidently hire carriers while reducing money- and time-wasting litigation involving truckers. This should be a no brainier, but attorneys who stand to profit from that costly litigation have been lobbying hard against the creation of such a standard.

Associations such as NASSTRAC and NIT League are fighting for additional industry improvements. For example, the legalization of twin 33 trailers for LTL companies would result in billions of dollars in shipper savings. And of course, the need to improve and fund our nation’s infrastructure remains a legislative imperative. But while everyone agrees that we should invest in our infrastructure, nobody agrees on how we should be paying for it.

So again, we encourage you to get involved! Elevate these issues in your organization, since they're critical to the supply chain. But even more importantly, make sure that your elected representatives understand the importance of addressing these items.

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