Want a Great Supply Chain? Then Tear Down the Silos! [Part 2]

Oct 23, 2019

In a previous Two Minute Warning we highlighted how companies can benefit by adopting an “Inside Out” orientation when it comes to managing their supply chain. Part of this is committing to tearing down organizational silos.

Last week, to dive further into this topic, we hosted a fantastic webinar with our friends from CSCMP and NASSTRAC called "Breaking Down the Silos: CFOs and Transportation”. On the webinar several shippers entered into a lively discussion about how their organizations have benefited from tearing down silos and having a holistic view of transportation and supply chain issues.

If you didn’t have a chance to tune in, I’d strongly recommend you download the recording and take time to listen because they had excellent practical examples. Based on the feedback we’ve received, I know you’ll get some very valuable insights on how to break down silos in your company. In fact, one reporter who is listened to it told me it was the most valuable webinar of 2019!

What made it so valuable? Not only did the panelists give great practical advice on how they've worked across their organization to address transportation, but they also went into more depth than we ever expected. 

On the webinar you'll hear an outstanding panel that includes:

Peter Burke – Senior VP of Operations, Land O’Frost
Paul Avampato – Vice President of Logistics and Supply Chain, Henkel
Sudha A. Mani, CPA – Finance Director, Johnson & Johnson

When it came to sharing the benefits of operating in a silo-less environment, there were three main highlights about why your organization will get faster and better results:

ONE: When you’re in a silo-less environment, your organization has a common picture of what you want to achieve.

TWO: Everyone speaks a common language so there's less confusion about the needs of each department and what they really do.

THREE: There are common KPIs so you’re all looking at the same scorecard. It's not like using a golf score to keep track of a bowling game anymore.

We highly encourage you to listen to the webinar to hear all they have to share.

And if you have any questions about the webinar or anything else, give us a call at 630-833-0890 or send us an email.

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