Washington Update: A Conversation with Representative Daniel Lipinski and Our Annual Alert for the CVSA Road Check

May 25, 2017


There are a lot of things happening in Washington DC that can impact your company's freight costs. Recently, we were honored to have an interview with Congressman Daniel Lipinski, a Democratic congressional representative from Illinois. As a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, he has an in-depth understanding of issues affecting the transportation marketplace.

In this interview, representative Lipinski provides an update on the passage of a national transportation infrastructure bill, and he also discusses the F4A (the federal preemption issue) and the likelihood of seeing Twin 33's on our nations highways. You can listen to the interview here.


One thing came through loud and clear during this interview. Despite what you may read or think, our congressional representatives want to hear your voice. Right now the federal preemption issue is a big deal for trucking companies. That is why we encourage you to download a letter you can send to your senators and congressmen asking them to support this issue.

Another item of note—in early June, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance road check inspections are set to begin. During this time we often see truckers—in particular owner operators and independent drivers—get off the road rather than face the hassles of the inspection program, and this can impact capacity.

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