We Have Seen the Future! Technology Will Drive Waste Out of Supply Chains

Nov 20, 2019

Wow! Talk about drinking from a fire hose.

Last week, our friends at FreightWaves put together an unbelievable conference that highlighted how technology will shape supply chains in the future.

This topic gets a lot of attention at industry conferences—but the FreightWaves folks took a unique approach here. FreightWaves identified the top technology innovations in development and then gave almost forty companies seven minutes to deliver a pitch about how their technology will improve transportation and supply chain operations. 

Some of these companies shared outstanding ideas, and as you might expect, overall there were three key areas that garnered a significant amount of interest. 

Freight Visibility

This has been an area of focus for many shippers and the market is recognizing the demand for improvement. The technologies that were showcased take visibility to the next level and can enable shippers to determine when freight is going to show up with much more precision. For shippers that practice lean operating principles and focus on eliminating waste, these visibility options represent a much better way to do business.

Last Mile Capabilities

When it comes down to the the last mile considerations, a lot of people focus on parcel shippers. However, at this conference companies shared technology that creates all sorts of options for LTL and truckload shippers as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Last but not least, there were some great presentations that featured how AI will significantly enhance a company's ability to see into the future. Imagine how much waste could be cut from greater precision in predicting inventory levels for instance if you could accurately predict your customers' behavior and buying patterns.

Looking for help navigating all the changes?

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