What does a great supply chain look like?

Jul 10, 2019

If you're striving for greatness in something, it helps to have an example.

And when it comes to managing supply chains and transportation, one of the best examples—if not THE best example—is Walmart. That’s not just an idle claim. Having worked with Walmart, we know that, in the words of Tracy Rosser, former SVP of Transportation for Walmart, they play to win. And Walmart knows that having a great supply chain is an integral part of their winning strategy.

In this week’s Two Minute Warning, we’re taking yet another step in helping companies understand how great supply chains function by featuring our interview with Bryan Boudreaux, who recently retired from his role as SVP of Supply Chain at Walmart.

Based on his 21 years at Walmart, Bryan shares some important insights about how Walmart has used their processes and culture to build a great supply chain.

For example, I found Bryan’s comments about Walmart’s On Time In Full (OTIF) program to be very interesting. While some suppliers see it as a “penalty” program, others see OTIF as a “Win-Win” because it will improve the availability of suppliers’ products. Bryan also gave advice for building a great supply chain for the future.

One observation that led Bryan to begin his consulting practice: Many C-Level executives lack a clear picture of what a great supply chain looks like.

Do you know what a great supply chain for your company looks like?

Bryan helped Walmart understand what a great supply chain is. Watch the interview, so you can do the same.

Then give us a call or send us an email—we’ll help you achieve that supply chain greatness.