When It Comes To Reducing Your Freight Costs Ask Yourself: Am I Involved or Committed?

May 18, 2017



Years ago I heard a great motivational speaker talk about being involved versus being committed. In explaining the difference between the two, he said: "When you think about breakfast, remember the chicken is involved, but the hog is committed!"

I mention this because when I'm at conferences with shippers, or meetings with Presidents and CEOs, I frequently get asked: “What does your company do?” The answer is simple: We help companies reduce their freight costs and increase profitability. Then I ask them a question: "Is your company interested in reducing its freight costs and improving its profitability?" The answer is always, "Of course we are". But truth be told, for many companies, it's just lip service. They are like the chicken - involved, but they are definitely not committed to doing the things that need to be done to get the results they want.

If your company is committed to reducing its freight costs and improving profitability, we have resources that can help. For example, our Rapid Assessment takes a look at the current state of your practices and processes versus the future state and identifies changes that could result in significant savings.

Rapid Assessment

We also have a resources library that features great white papers, articles, and interviews covering a wide range of topics. For example, a consultant, Todd Miles, recently enlightened us on how companies can reduce their costs by making changes in their packaging. If you’re interested in learning about how packaging can impact the dimensions and density of your freight costs, you may be interested in his write-up. It can be downloaded here.

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