Communication for Results


Most women like to communicate, it's in our nature. However, what happens when we need to gear our communication to drive results? I have learned that when communicating for results there are some general guidelines that can help you reach the finish line.

  1. Define What You Want - you can start by creating a "must have" and a "nice if" list. Knowing what you absolutely "must have" and what would just be "nice if" it happened, will help you determine what you want to keep the focus on. Determine what you are and aren't willing to settle for.
  2. Make Your Request - when making your request remember these 3 rules:
    • Be Direct - Don't walk around the pond, ask for what you want!
    • Be Specific - Don't generalize, so that there is no confusion about what you want.
    • Predict the Outcome - Let them know what the benefits will be when this request is met.
  3. Avoid Common Communication Errors
    • Disclaimers - Try not to start a sentence with, "I may be wrong but..." or "I'm not really sure..." this is a common trait especially among women. Read Nancy Clark's blog Use Confident Language.
    • Justifiers - Get to the point without the long convoluted reasons.
    • Avoid Tag Questions - Have you ever heard someone ask a question like this, "You want this done using the regular method, don't you?" Instead say, "I'm going to use the regular method."

These tips are easy to use and will help get you the results you are looking go out there and give it a try! Be sure to share your results with me!