Are you prepared for dark conversations?

Feb 20, 2019

I recently spoke to a large group of supply chain professionals at The Home Depot, and part of my talk included the topic of "dark conversations", the kinds of conversations that require you to face hard truths about you and your business. Dark conversations are critical for making tough decisions that can propel your company to success, and you can learn more about them from this video snippet from my talk.

With events like the recent bankruptcy of New England Motor Freight, weather issues, and other supply chain disruptions, it’s more important than ever to get real, even if it's uncomfortable. Companies that have these dark conversations are better equipped to deal with surprises. Two weeks ago, we released an eBook about creating a Transportation Spend Management Plan that can guide you into these discussions. We've already been told by readers that the information in this eBook has changed their approach to transportation.

We'll cover that topic and more in our upcoming webinar “Rebuilding After the Storm” and you can register for the webinar here.


We’re hosting this webinar in conjunction with CSCMP and NASSTRAC, and will be joined by an outstanding panel that includes:

  • Andy Moses - Sr. Vice President Global Products, Penske
  • George Harry - Director, Global Transportation, Johnson & Johnson
  • Brian Morgan - Sr. Director of Logistics and Process Excellence, Leviton Manufacturing Company

This is something great to share with your team, and a great way to get started on having the conversations that can put your company at a competitive advantage.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 630-833-0890 or send us an email. As always, we’re on your team, here to help and passionate about seeing you get ahead.