Conducting a World Class Sourcing Event is Just the First Step in Reducing Costs. Track your Results with a TMS.

Feb 4, 2016




We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the three steps of how your company can reduce your freight costs. First, your company needs to conduct a World Class Sourcing event to save on your transportation costs. But after the bid is done, you need to consider two other steps in order to lock in those savings. So how do you do that? Here’s how:

  • As we highlight in some of recent case studies, the second step involves the need to take advantage of the tools that will automate these savings and scale it across the company. Our new White Paper on the Value of a TMS, shows how we have delivered savings to numerous companies.


For example in our Greenfield Industries Case Study we explain how both outbound and inbound savings were achieved through our Constellation TMS.

Utilizing technology to scale results is great, but you need to take one other very important step: 

  • Use data and reports to measure the savings and provide accountability throughout the organization. In short, you need to measure the results. Keep in mind the adage that you don't manage what you don't measure. A great TMS plus tremendous reporting tools gives you accountability through visibility.

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