Freight Costs Going Through the Roof? Then Ask These Three "What If" Questions

May 10, 2018


Several C-Level executives have asked me one of these two questions in the past month:
  1. Can you help me understand why my freight costs are going through the roof?
  2. How will the issues outlined in your Perfect Storm Center impact my freight budget for the remainder of the year?

Guess what? Your C-Level executives probably have the same questions.

To find the answers, you need to ask yourself three key “What if?” questions?

  1. What if carriers have to continue to increase driver pay in order to have enough drivers?
  2. What if the economy continues to grow at a rate of 3% or more?
  3. What if fuel costs continue to rise—will that mean higher fuel surcharges? 

Why are these three questions so important? Because each one of these questions addresses issues about why your rates are high right now, and also deal with the issues that will have a direct impact on your budget going forward.

One of the reasons why I am so passionate about our Rapid Assessment process is because it helps companies answer these questions, as well as identify areas where they can improve their processes, reduce their costs, and become more efficient.


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