Here are three important interviews that will help you understand the transportation marketplace

Oct 10, 2018

Last week I attended CSCMP’s annual conference in Nashville. Rick Blasgen and his team put together another outstanding conference that addressed the types of critical issues that shippers are facing as they struggle to manage freight costs in the current transportation environment.

One of the other reasons this is a “must attend” event for me is because it gives us an opportunity to talk with some of the industry leaders and get their insights and thoughts about where the trucking industry is headed and what shippers should expect to see in the future.

Fortunately, I brought my little pocket recorder with me so three of our friends, Derek Leathers, CEO of Werner Enterprises, Rob Estes, CEO of Estes Express, and Thomas Connery, President and COO of New England Motor Freight, agreed to share their insights and thoughts with our Two Minute Warning audience. So if you have some questions and concerns about how the transportation marketplace will impact your freight budgets and costs in 2019, I want to strongly encourage you to take a couple of minutes and listen to these interviews. They are short, concise, and contain a lot of valuable information.


In the interviews they answer questions such as:

  • How are LTL and truckload carriers developing their rate structures?
  • How can I put together an accurate budget?
  • What strategies should I use in 2019 to work well with LTL and truckload carriers?

Their insights will bring you in touch with the realities of the decisions that top transportation executives are facing. And I want to repeat, it will only take a few minutes to listen to each interview. It may be some of the best time you spend all year.

After listening to these interviews, if you have some questions or would like additional insights about things that you can do to address your transportation spend management initiatives, I encourage you to take advantage of our Rapid Assessment Process in which we evaluate your overall transportation processes, practices and plans and provide recommendations on reducing your freight costs.

We offer all this because we're on your team, here to help, and passionate about seeing you be successful.