Here's What You Need to Share with Your C-Level Team!

Feb 8, 2018

 If you are concerned about how today’s transportation market is affecting your transportation budget, you’ve got lots of company!

Hopefully, you have found a few creative ways to change some practices to lower your costs or have worked with your carriers to reduce your rates. However, with rates having risen sharply across the board, this can be a real challenge. Practically speaking, a lot of transportation and logistics professionals are having to answer an important question that is being asked by their CFO or CEO: why are our freight costs going through the roof?

Look, communicating bad news is never easy but if you find yourself having to answer this question about why the budget numbers aren’t looking too good, here are a few resources that you can forward to your C-Level executives to help them understand how external factors in the freight marketplace are impacting your company:

We encourage you to pass these resources along to other executives in your company. And if you’re looking for some constructive ways to work with your carriers, we recommend you take our Carrier Yield Test. It’s just one example of how you can collaboratively work with your carriers to address potential rate increases.

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