Logistics Learning Opportunities

Jan 29, 2020


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the National Industrial Transportation League’s annual meeting. What an outstanding event!

What makes this conference unique is that it focuses on different modes and features experts with in-depth knowledge, such as speakers from the Surface Transportation Board, the Federal Maritime Commission, the Port of Los Angeles or Georgia Ports Authority, and several other experts.

The presentation from Josh Lowell with Clipper Data about the energy markets and what is likely to happen with the price of diesel ranks as one of the best presentations I have heard at an industry conference. In case you're wondering, barring some unforeseen economic event, the price of diesel will start to rise in the second quarter and continue to rise in 2020. And for those who could not attend, I was able to gain permission to share a summary of the highlights from the rail and ocean committee meetings, and you can download it here.

Another learning opportunity is our next webinar, Breaking Down the Silos: Sales and Transportation, which will take place on Thursday, February 6 at 11am CST. I’ve already received great feedback about the need for this topic, and I’m excited to hear what our panelists have to share.

The great thing about being a logistics and supply chain professional in North America is that there are all sorts of learning opportunities. For example, we’re looking forward to attending the Stifel Conference on February 11-12 in Miami. After that, we will be at the Food Shippers Association’s annual conference in Orlando from February 23 - 25 and RILA’s Retail Supply Chain Conference in Dallas from February 24 -25.

These events help us stay current on what is happening in the transportation industry and help us in sharing relevant content with you in these Two Minute Warnings. Since we are a Silver Sponsor at RILA, we’re able to share the opportunity to register for a discounted price for anyone that’s interested in attending.

If you plan on attending any of these events, let us know. We’d welcome the opportunity to get together.