Supply Chain Lessons You Can Learn From Jeff Bezos' Letter to Amazon Shareholders

Jun 1, 2017



Recently I heard a speaker proclaim that Amazon is not just a company, it is a way of doing business. I thought that was a bit strange until I read Jeff Bezos' Annual Letter to Amazon shareholders. I know you are extremely busy, but you need to read this letter. Not only will it help you understand Amazon's success, but based on input from some CEO buddies that I shared the letter with, it may very well have a profound impact on how you view your business.

The letter starts out by asking: "Jeff, what does Day 2 look like?" He then talks about the difference between "Day 1" and "Day 2" companies. Let me cut to the chase. In Day 1, companies are growing and thriving because of their commitment to core values—in Amazon's case this means its dedication to the customer and commitment to innovation. In Day 2, companies are willing to accept the status quo—there’s no longer a commitment to innovation and these companies are, in Jeff's words, headed to death.

In this week’s Two Minute Warning, we ask the question: "Is your company's supply chain and transportation/logistics areas operating in Day 1 or Day 2?" I'd welcome your feedback on some of the insights we share for companies who would like to go from Day 2 to Day 1.

I know a lot of companies love to talk about the importance of innovation. But truthfully, that quest for innovation gets left behind when it comes to transforming their supply chain areas. If your supply chain is stuck in Day 2 mode, we encourage you to talk to us about our rapid assessment process. It helps companies understand where they're at today and where they could be in the future.

Rapid Assessment

We don’t just give you a picture of the preferred future—we help you understand how you can build the bridge to get from your current state to your preferred state. Our goal is to ensure you’re in Day 1. Sign up here and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the next steps, or give us a call at 630-833-0890 or send us an email.

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