Thursday, November 1, 2018

In case you haven’t already heard from your UPS representative or seen the coverage in the Bloomberg or other places, we wanted to make sure you’re aware of the UPS Freight service interruption starting today.  

UPS Freight provided notification earlier today that the Teamsters union will be voting on their latest proposal from November 7-11.

To ensure transparency and not put your volume at risk, starting today UPS Freight is suspending any shipments that would arrive after November 8th. That means that today is the last day for pickup of a five-day shipment and there are only a few days left for shorter deliveries.

Here are the dates to watch:

Last Pickup Date - Shipping Commitment   

  • Thursday, November 1 - Five-day shipping commitments
  • Friday, November 2 - Four-day shipping commitments
  • Monday, November 5 - Three-day shipping commitments
  • Tuesday, November 6 - Two-day shipping commitments
  • Wednesday, November 7 - One-day shipping commitments

Here are a few other things to keep in mind in the coming days:

Does this impact UPS Parcel?

No. Only UPS Freight is impacted at this time.

When will I know what's happening with future shipments?

The vote should take place by November 11th at the latest.

What should a shipper do to obtain capacity during this time?

If you're looking for additional capacity to cover any shipments, we encourage you to contact our Capacity & Service Solutions group at: 630.239.8471 or visit