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We’re very excited to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month as a women-owned business in the logistics industry.  This year we want to encourage women to consider the logistics field and highlight several resources for women in this area.

As we mentioned in a recent blog, the number of women entering the logistics field hasn’t experienced much growth over the past few years. Brie Carere, who was recently named EVP and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for FedEx, recently commented, “A FedEx study of 1,000 women in Canada found that only 11 percent were interested in entering transport and logistics” even when about half of them weren’t aware of the opportunities here.  

Logistics is part of growing fields in business such as tech and e-commerce, which is why it’s important to explore this industry. There are networks of women in logistics to help along the way—here are a few:

  • Women in Trucking (WIT) - This non-profit association supports women in all transportation roles as well as trucking, and has been around for nearly a decade.
  • Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) – This organization has about 1600 members and groups around the world including Ireland, India, and South Africa.
  • Women in Logistics Northern California (WIL) – If you live in the bay area or want to get in touch with someone there, this organization has several events throughout the year and a staff with extensive experience.
  • Women & Logistics (LinkedIn group) – This LinkedIn group has about 1000 professionals from all areas of logistics.

We hope you have a great International Women’s Day. If you have any questions or comments, we encourage you to send us an email.