Market Recovery, Parcel Surcharges and LTL Sourcing



Recovery is Underway for Freight  Markets! What Does This Mean for Shippers? 

April was one of the worst months for freight activity in over 26 years. But in looking at the data for May, we are starting to see a much brighter picture. It looks like the freight markets are reaching levels similar to 2019 - with greater growth yet to come.


Heads Up! New Surcharges from UPS and FedEx.    

Changes the two parcel carriers just made is that they’ll both add a 30 cent per package surcharge for ground residential shipments. With unusually short notice, these new charges became effective on May 31 for UPS and June 8 for FedEx.


Sourcing LTL freight soon? Here's some advice. 

While the truckload market is hurting from the downturn in demand, the parcel market is surging, and the the LTL market has managed to improve their operating ratios even amidst a drop in shipments.


More Valuable Tips for Conducting LTL Sourcing Events!6.19.20-2mw

Whether it’s carrier closings, or strategic decisions about where they want to run their trucks, the customer mix for the LTL carriers is in constant flux as they respond to their customers' shipping patterns and demands. That is why it is important to properly identify which carriers will be invited to bid. 

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