Congress adopts Aviation and Air Cargo Security Measures

As the 113th Congress finishes up its remaining business, two more pieces of legislation affecting aviation and cargo security headed to the President’s desk. H.R. 1204, the Aviation Security Stakeholder Participation Act, and H.R. 2719, the Transportation Security Acquisition Reform Act were passed with broad bipartisan majorities at the end of last week. These two bills will give industry stakeholders, including those who move air freight, a chance to participate in discussions and regulatory decisions on cargo and passenger security.

The Aviation Security Stakeholder Participation Act establishes a 32-member advisory committee within the Transportation Security Administration, which will recommend improvements to aviation security. Committee members will have two-year terms of appointment, and will meet no less than twice a year with at least one meeting open to the public. There is to be a distinct subcommittee to consider improvements to Air Cargo Security. The groups to be represented on the Committee include:

Air Carriers  Aircraft Manufacturers  Travel Industry General Aviation
All-Cargo Air
Passenger Advocacy
Airport Security
Aviation Technology
Security Industry
Labor Groups for Air
Carrier Employees,
Transportation Security
Officers, & Employees
of Airport Construction
and Maintenance
Airport Operators and
Airport Construction &
Businesses (including
minority-owned small
Victims of Terrorist
Acts Against Aviation
Indirect Air Carriers Privacy-Rights
Aeronautical Repair
 Law Enforcement

The Transportation Security Acquisition Reform Act directs the TSA to report to Congress on a strategic long-term technology investment plan, to increase legislative oversight on technology vulnerability gaps and on major spending decisions.

TIA Government Affairs staff will monitor implementation of these bills in the coming months. To participate in TIA’s Airfreight Logistics Conference, or for general assistance with these issues, please contact Will Sehestedt at or 703-299-5713.