Department of Defense Extends Logistics Contract for Two Years

The United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) released a Justification & Approval to extend the current Defense Transportation Coordination Initiative (DTCI) contract for two years. This extension of the DTCI contract from its initial formal end-date of April 16, 2015, will ensure that Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) shipments do not suffer a slowdown due to the lack of in-house capacity to move freight while a new follow-on contract is implemented. The current DTCI contract, initially awarded to Menlo Worldwide Government Services in August 2007, provides for transportation management for Defense Logistics Agency DLA shipments. A copy of the announcement of the DTCI extension is included.

In March 2015, USTRANSCOM announced a solicitation for the follow-up contract to DTCI: the Defense Freight Transportation Services (DTFS) contract. Proposals for this contract are due on May 26, 2015, and the requirements for bidding are available on FedBizOpps, at this web address. The anticipated award date for DTFS is September 2015. As sites are implemented under DTFS following the September award, those sites will be removed from the extended DTCI contract. A solicitation for a replacement contract was released in March 2015, with proposals due to USTRANSCOM by May 26, 2015 and an anticipated timeline for awarding the contract in September 2015. As sites are implemented under the new Defense Freight Transportation Services (DFTS) contract following the September 2015 award, they will be removed from the DTCI contract.

Government freight, including both Department of Defense and civilian agency shipments, is a valuable business opportunity for many TIA members. To help TIA member companies who do not move government freight assess whether it is a good fit for their business, TIA’s Government Freight Committee produced the 2015 TIA Government Freight Framework, which was released at the 2015 Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, FL. The Framework includes tools to evaluate the pros and cons of working with the U.S. government, as well as details on best practices for registering and working with federal agencies, and will be available on the TIA website for all members.

For additional information on this announcement, the TIA Government Freight Framework, or to participate in the TIA Government Freight Committee, please contact Will Sehestedt at or (703) 299-5713.