EPA & CARB Fine VA Trucking Company more than $100k

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fined Estes Express Lines $100,000 for not installing diesel particulate filters on 73 trucks operating in the State of California. The Agency states that, “trucks are the largest source of air pollution in California, which has the worst air quality in the nation.” Under the Truck and Bus Rule, heavy-duty tractors must have an exhaust filter properly installed or receive a hefty fine. Additionally, California-based brokers are required to ensure that hired carriers traveling in the State of California have properly installed the exhaust filter, or the broker could be fined as well. TIA has fought this provision out of the State of California, but have hit a brick wall, since CARB has multiple federal waivers from the EPA to implement regulations that affect industry stakeholders nationwide.

The private LTL carrier will also pay $255,400 of the $290,000 to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s Burn Cleaner Incentive Program. The program reduces the region’s particulate matter from older wood-burning devices by helping residents replace them with natural gas inserts or EPA-certified devices. The remaining $35,000 will go to the University of California Davis Extension to start a state training program to educate out-of-state trucking firms on compliance with the rule.

According to the CARB enforcement webpage, the Agency collected $127,250 in the month of September from a variety of shippers and trucking companies for varies regulation violations.

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