FMCSA Begins Accepting Applications for Mexican-Domiciled Long-Haul Operators

On Thursday, January 15, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a notice announcing that the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has submitted the required report to Congress and is accepting applications from Mexico-domiciled motor carriers interested in conducting long-haul operations. As a result of the completion of the Pilot Program, FMCSA will again accept applications from Mexico-domiciled motor carriers seeking authority to operate in long-haul transportation beyond the U.S. commercial zones.

Per way of background, from October 14, 2011, to October 10, 2014, FMCSA conducted a Pilot Program to test and demonstrate the ability of Mexico-based motor carriers to operate safely in the United States beyond the municipalities and commercial zones along the United States-Mexico border. The Pilot Program was part of FMCSA's implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) cross-border long-haul trucking provisions.

As of October 10, 2014, thirteen Mexico-domiciled motor carriers with authority to operate in the United States beyond the commercial zones and municipalities at the U.S.-Mexico border had successfully participated in the Pilot Program and established a record of safety.

Mexico-domiciled motor carriers will be required to obtain insurance from a U.S. based insurance provider, per Title 49 section 387.321 of the United States Code. The requirements of § 387.315(a) shall be satisfied if the insurance or surety company, in addition to having been approved by the FMCSA, is legally authorized to issue policies or surety bonds in at least one of the States in the United States, or one of the Provinces in Canada, and has filed with the FMCSA the name and address of a person upon whom legal process may be served in each State in or through which the motor carrier operates.