FMCSA Updates SMS Website Data

FMCSA announced this week that the Safety Measurement System (SMS) website has been updated with data on adjudicated citations that is current up to September 26th.  This new data includes the results of all adjudicated citations associated with inspections performed on or after August 23, 2014, that have been processed through FMCSA’s DataQs system.  The current policy on SMS data changes due to adjudicated citations requires that drivers must submit a Request for Data Review, including the results of an adjudicated citation, certified court documents, and inspection details.

When a Request for Data Review is performed on citations that have been adjudicated, the outcomes of the data review are as follows:

  • If the adjudication resulted in a dismissal without fine or finding of not-guilty, the violation is removed from FMCSA’s Pre-Employment Screening Program and SMS records
  • If the adjudication led to conviction of a different charge, the violation is indicated as conviction of a different charge and the SMS severity weight is reduced to 1
  • If the adjudication resulted in conviction or dismissal with a fine, then the violation is retained in the PSP and SMS records.

TIA is closely monitoring all developments related to the CSA program, and is working to establish a National Hiring System for Motor Carriers to alleviate the uncertainty that this program creates for all entities who hire motor carriers.  Please feel free to contact Chris Burroughs (703-299-5705, or Will Sehestedt (703-299-5713, for more information.