Have You Been Affected by a Fraudulent Trust Fund Provider?

TIA continues to advocate to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that action needs to be taken to shut down the fraudulent trust fund providers that are currently operating in the marketplace. These fraudulent trust fund providers not only give brokers a bad name, they are hurting the transportation industry as a whole.

TIA needs your help!

  • If you are an asset-based broker and have experienced non-payment by a trust fund provider;
  • If you are a broker and have had a negative situation or been taken advantage of by a fraudulent trust fund provider; or
  • If any of your carrier customers have never had a claim paid by one of these companies.

In order for the FMCSA to take this issue seriously, we need as much evidence and member testimonials as possible to get this on the radar screen of the FMCSA. Our goal is to shut down these unscrupulous operators and to eliminate the negativity these companies pass along to hard working TIA members who are doing the right thing, but whose names are being tarnished by a few bad apples.

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, please contact TIA staff today! Please contact Chris Burroughs (burroughs@tianet.org, 703.299.5700) with any information you might have on these companies.