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The Road to Success!
The Environmental Protection Agency, in cooperation with freight industry shippers and carriers, launched a voluntary, innovative, collaboration called the SmartWay Transport Partnership. EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership is a market-driven initiative that empowers businesses to move goods in the cleanest, most energy-efficient way possible, while protecting public health and reducing the impacts of climate change. Demonstration of a commitment to corporate sustainability and social responsibility through SmartWay provides for a more competitive business environment. Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) recognizes the value of the SmartWay Transport Partnership, both to TIA members and to the freight industry as a whole, and has been supportive of EPA’s efforts to publicize the Partnership and to recruit new Partners. We encourage you to become a SmartWay Transport Partner.

Participation is free…
Participation in the SmartWay Partnership is free-of-charge, and is open to all sizes and types of fleets, as well as to shippers. Truck fleets participate by agreeing to evaluate and improve fuel economy, thereby reducing operating costs and emissions through a variety of strategies voluntarily implemented. Shippers and Logistic partners participate by agreeing to ship a majority of their products using SmartWay Transport Carrier Partners. Shippers are able to quantify, benchmark, track and report carbon and emissions across the supply chain. All Partners are provided with technical assistance and public recognition for their efforts.

You’ll be in Good Company…
To date, approximately 3,000 carriers, shippers, and brokers have become SmartWay Transport Partners.

Take the Next Step…
As a member of TIA, many of you have already heard about the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

We hope you will join TIA in supporting this innovative effort that will ultimately benefit all of us. We recommend that you take the next step and learn more about the SmartWay program by visiting the SmartWay website at