Note from Estes on Cut Times

Starting 7/25/16 we are doing a companywide cut time reset. This essentially means we are going to begin holding firm to our standard cut times. As time goes by we have customers ask , “Hey can you wait a minute?” “Can you get here today @5:45 instead of 5?”  We want to be flexible and accommodating, but as we do, we get back to the terminal later, and the cuts get gradually pushed further out. This effects the inbound. Schedules arrive later, drivers get on the street later, get empty later, and miss pickups as a result.

We are hitting the reset button and holding these cut times to the minute, any freight not back, will not make that schedule.

This doesn’t effect a client that has a pickup around 3 but you may hear something from a customer when at 5:15pm (for example) our driver up and leaves because he has to get back or all of his freight (including the freight picked up at 3pm) will miss the cut. You know your customers best and can probably think of a few where this can be an issue. It may be a good idea to mention that we are going to be firm regarding when we cease making pickups that day for the reasons spelled out above.

This needs to happen from time to time as the hub and spoke LTL system is like a machine and this process is like giving it a tune up. The system will perform better and more efficiently after the minor adjustments are made.

Don’t be alarmed, it may not even be a noticeable thing but if you hear something, know what we are trying to do and why.