If you’re a shipper you know our roads are in need of some major work! Tracking the future of our infrastructure is important since it can have big implications on shipping costs. That’s why MHI is putting together its 2017 Materials Handling Roadmap to talk about factors that go into this feat.

This November when MHI held its Annual Conference, they also organized a panel to discuss the topics that would be covered in the new Roapmap. These topics are:

  • Workforce
  • Technology
  • Consumer
  • Infrastructure

A recap from Supply Chain Digest goes into each of these areas in more detail. The panelists at the MHI were: Jonathon Rader, FedEx; Mike Regan, TranzAct Technologies; Bill Ferrell, Clemson University; Fab Brasca, JDA Software; and Mike Kotecki, Dematic, and Gary Forger, MHI.

If you’d like a copy of most recent version of the Roadmap currently available from 2014, please send us an email.

We’re all waiting to see what impact the next presidential administration will have and as our recent On the Record Interview with Randy Mullett indicates, there are some signs that more investments will made in the future.