First, a question to consider.

How much room is there for improvement in your company's supply chain and logistics management?

One simple open ended way to evaluate this is to rate your supply chain on a scale from one to five. At the low end of this scale are companies that are reactive, tactical and operating in silos. On the high end are companies that are proactive, strategic and holistic.

When we’ve asked this question at conferences and on webinars, we don’t often see logistics professionals rate their supply chain higher than a three on the five point scale. That leaves a lot of room for further evaluation and growth.

Take a moment to consider that question yourself: How would you rate your company’s supply chain?
After you’re done with that exercise, dig deeper with the tools below.

Supply Chain Diagnostic Quiz

This 20 question quiz asks you to rate your supply chain on a five point scale in several different areas to give you a composite score. It offers a starting point for where to focus later.

supply chain diagnostic-800x300

Supply Chain Health Check

This list from Supply Chain Edge asks similar, yet opened-ended questions, such as:

  • Do you have a process for monitoring supplier quality?
  • Do you know where the bottleneck is in your order fulfillment process?
  • Are your employees in Sales, Operations, and Supply Chain communicating on a regular basis?

Carrier Yield Test

This worksheet help you evaluate how well you’re working with your carriers. It’s a tool that could be used to start a conversation aimed at making improvements with mutual savings and identifying other areas that would benefit from change.

carrier yield test - 800x300