A documented Transportation Spend Management Plan (TSMP) is essential to the success of any business.


The Essential Nature of a Documented Transportation Spend Management Plan

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If the past has taught us nothing else, it is that companies with a strategic plan for their supply chain will be much better positioned than their competitors when disaster strikes, as well as when the economy is expanding.

Furthermore, a TSMP must be linked to the company’s overall strategy and have support from the C-Suite all the way down to the docks.

Previously, TranzAct presented an eBook detailing the importance of managing your transportation spend “from the inside out”— taking a look at the things you can control to find efficiencies and
reduce freight costs.

In this document, we will look at how a TSMP functions in supporting a company’s overall strategy, and what types of rules and guidelines are included in a TSMP depending on that strategy.