Concerned about rates going up? Here are some great resources for you.

Nov 2, 2017

First it was the hurricane, next will be the holidays, and in mid-December—just before Santa gets on the road—the ELD mandate kicks in. Ho Ho Ho! These and other events are why shippers are staring at a perfect storm in the transportation marketplace and carriers are asking for—and getting—significant rate increases.

TranzAct is committed to helping shippers deal with these challenging times. If you go to our Perfect Storm Preparation Center there are some great interviews with industry leaders covering the rate increases from different angles and some tips on how your company can be a resilient enterprise.

Here are the interviews you’ll find:

1. Aftermath of the Hurricane - Yossi Sheffi, the Director of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, and Jarrod Goentzel, Founder and Director of the MIT Humanitarian Response Lab


2. Capacity Issues for Carriers - Derek Leathers, the CEO of Werner Enterprises
3. How Shippers Can Work with Carriers - John Larkin, Managing Director of Transportation at Stifel, and Jeff Rogers, CEO of Universal Logistics
4. The Impact of ELDs - Randy Mullett, a Washington-based expert on the relationship between government and transportation
5. Economic Factors that will Raise Rates in 2018 – Noel Perry, Economist with FTR and
6. Identify Risks in the Supply Chain - Dr. John Langley, Professor of Supply Chain Management at Penn State
7. How Shippers Should Respond in the Current Marketplace - Mike Regan, TranzAct's Co-Founder, talks with Mitch McDonald of Supply Chain Digest

We also have a webinar “How to Prepare for the Perfect Storm” coming up on Tuesday November 14 at noon CST that will include Derek Leathers and others.


Throughout the storm, we’re on your team, we’re here to help, and we’re passionate about seeing you be successful.