Efficient Shippers will Pay Less to Move Freight in 2018's Perfect Storm

Dec 14, 2017



I have a quick question for you. Do you have about 6 minutes to invest in getting some great information that is going to help you get much more accurate freight budgets and improve your transportation plans as you head into 2018 strong?

If so then take a couple of minutes to listen to our recent interviews with Derek Leathers and Rob Estes. These leaders in the truckload and LTL areas have some great insights to share as they explain why inefficient shippers (versus efficient shippers) may pay 8% to 10% more to move their freight.

We also have some additional resources to help you navigate the Perfect Storm and manage your transportation costs:

  • The Perfect Storm Center - The Storm Center also includes several other interviews with industry experts including carriers, shippers, and consultants, to help you understand the current environment and what actions you absolutely must take to succeed going forward.
  • Carrier Yield Test Worksheet - We shared this resource last week and it was so popular, we're offering another opportunity to download it.
  • A Customized Rapid Assessment - Evaluate all your transportation practices, identify areas for improvement, and create a game plan.

If you're looking for other resources or help, please give us a call at 630-833-0890 or send us an email. We're on your team, we're here to help, and we're passionate about seeing you be successful.